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This page contains additional information about our services in Olive Branch, MS and how they can be of help to you. At Addison Pest Control, we have an excellent relationship with all our clients because we conduct our duties honestly and transparently. We can solve your problems for you, so stop wasting time and call us.

Pest Control

We offer the following services:

Pest Control

At Addison Pest Control, we can effectively deal with different types of pest infestations. We have the products, know-how, and instruments to quickly discover hives, colonies, and or nests and remove them from the premises of your home or office. We will make sure you aren’t sharing your property with any rodents or creepy crawlers.

Ant Control

Ants are often seen as harmless insects but a colony will surely lower the quality of life within your property and cause structural damage that can render your house or building dangerous. We use diverse treatment products to repel ants away and if that fails, we have the products to destroy their colonies.

Spider Control

Don’t panic if you find out that your home or office is infested with spiders. We have the expertise and technical resources to effectively remove different types of arachnids and prevent them from returning. Our prices are reasonable and budget-friendly.

Cockroach Control

Use our cockroach control services in Olive Branch, MS to free your property from roaches. We will inspect the plumbing, dark and damp spaces, and other areas that are prone to cockroach’s infestations and treat them so your property becomes unwelcoming.

Termite Control and Extermination

Termites feast on wood and therefore can damage the foundations, walls, and roofing of your property, as well as your furniture. Our primary objective is to lead them away from your house or building. Extermination is a last resort solution which we use only when all other options have been exhausted.

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